02 Oct


This is the biggest answer to prayer God has ever given me.


I had just returned from an incredible trip to Israel.  The Aglow Convocation was wonderful.  God had summoned Aglow people from 42 Nations to gather in Israel.  Almost every one of them was anointed – the power of God was on them!  We met in Jerusalem, which is a beautiful, culturally diverse, and exciting city!  The footsteps of Jesus, and all that happened here, still echo here!


The entire trip was unforgettable, but I came back exhausted and unwell!  My doctor said that I might have pneumonia, but my chest x-ray was inconclusive.  My body cried out for sleep, but I had to do an errand.


As I was returning home, I was struggling to stay awake while driving.  I asked God, “Please help me stay awake and get home safely.”   I started to sing a praise song – to stay awake – but I drifted off to sleep as I drove. I was going 50 miles an hour on Highway 69, when I fell asleep.  I had a half mile to go to the light where I would turn left off the highway.

I was asleep for that half a mile, when suddenly God caused my eyelids to flutter open.  I was about to hit 2 cars!  I saw the cars that I might have hit, being miraculously moved aside to the left and right, so that I did not hit them.  I passed through a car that wasn’t totally out of my way.  I know it sounds impossible, but God chose to do this miracle!  Then I hit the brakes and my car stopped moving immediately, as if stopped by angels!


So much happened in two seconds that I didn’t remember everything.  I know it was two seconds, because when I sat down to thank God for what He did for me, I asked Him, “Did I see cars moving aside? What all happened?”  And I shut my eyes and relived a two second video which is engraved into my memory.  I saw cars that I should have hit, being moved out of my way.


Then the light turned green and all the cars were gone.  I sat there still, shell-shocked, but thankful!  I realized my turn was to the left, and I hadn’t gotten into the left turn lane because I was asleep.  Since there were no cars coming, I was able to cross over two lanes and wait in the left turn lane for the signal.  I made it home safely, but I was in shock from it all.


I don’t know why God answered my prayer that way.  I had asked God to keep me awake so I could get home safely, and He did take me home safely.  Did He do it this way because I was singing praises to Him to stay awake?  Did He answer this way so that He would get more glory?  Does God like to show off sometimes, saying “Nothing is too hard for me!  Look what I can do!”  Either way, God wants the glory for what He did.

Thank You, God, for causing my eye lids to flutter open, so I saw what was happening, and saw how You protected me and the people in those cars!  Thank You for the angels that must have moved cars to clear a path!  Thank You that no one was harmed!  Thank You that You saved all of us from a terrible crash!  Thank You that nothing is too hard for You!  Oh Lord my God, how great You are!