03 Jun


On February 1st, 2020, God told our prayer group something that changed my life.  He said, “Take a few friends and go to Court House Square in Prescott, to the gazebo, and take communion.  There are evil spirits that will see you take communion.  Then just leave, and I will do the rest.”


That caught my attention because my son, Shane, was staying with me at the time.  Shane had an alcohol addiction.  He had struggled with his alcoholism for many years.  There are evil spirits of alcoholism, evil spirits of addition, and evil spirits of unforgiveness.  So, there were probably evil spirits in my house.


After I heard that, I started taking communion in the middle of the night. I did it during the night so I didn’t have to explain to Shane what I was doing.  I woke up every night between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM anyway – so I took communion, said my prayers, and believed what God said – that He would take care of everything else.


That was February first – and God prepared both my son, Shane, and me – because Shane died 26 days later.  God’s way of healing Shane once and for all from alcoholism was to take him to Heaven.


When Shane was a little boy, he asked Jesus to be his Savior – and Jesus said, “No one can take them out of my hand.”  Even though God saw Shane walk away from him, start drinking, and then struggle with addiction to alcohol, He said, “Shane is mine, no one can take him out of my hand!”


After Shane died, I had to do some things that were too hard for me – so I kept taking communion in the middle of the night.  I let God take care of my sleep needs, because He said, “Take communion, and I will take care of everything else.”


There were things I was left to do that were beyond my knowledge and ability.  The hardest was selling Shane’s old airplane.  Since I couldn’t afford the monthly hangar rent of $354, the solution was to sell the plane fast.  I advertised it on Facebook, with a picture of the airplane.  I couldn’t answer the questions that prospective aircraft buyers asked about the plane.  I didn’t know the answers.  Three people came to buy the plane, but didn’t buy it.  I kept taking communion during the middle of the night, and trusting that God would do everything else.


On April 14th, I wrote out this prayer, “God, Please, hand pick a buyer for the plane.  Tell him to “Buy that plane.”  Give him a dream and a vision on how to do every step.  Let him hear You say, “Buy that plane.”


The next day, April 15th, God did that.  The plane sold to a man in Iowa – sight unseen, except for the FaceBook picture.  He called me, made an offer and I accepted it.   I emailed him my bank routing number, and he wired the money to my bank.  Then he sent an airplane mechanic/pilot to make sure the plane was airworthy, and to fly the plane to Iowa.  I believe God did that for me because I kept taking communion, and trusting Him that He would do everything else.


Now God has told one of my friends about the coming revival.  It will be the greatest revival of all the ages! And God called it the “Great Communion Revival.”  So, I’m going to keep taking communion in the middle of the night, and see where God is leading!


God wants  YOU  to be part of this!  If you have never asked Jesus to be your Savior, ask Him right now. To delay is to disobey.  Just ask Him, “Dear Jesus, please come into my life and be my Savior.  I’m sorry for the bad things I’ve done.  Please forgive me!  Send the Holy Spirit, the teacher, to teach me everything I need to know.”


If you are a Christian – and if you just prayed the prayer above, you are a Christian – read God’s Word, the Bible daily.  Faith comes from hearing the word of God.  Get a Bible and read at least two chapters a day.  One chapter in the Old Testament and one chapter in the New Testament.  I like the Living Bible for new believers or people new to reading the Bible.


You can also join “Read Through the Bible in a Year.”  It’s free.  I did this for so many years that I lost track of how many times I read through the entire Bible.


If God said it, believe it.  The times ahead will be incredibly exciting, and God is inviting  you  to walk with Him!  We can’t limit God to what  we  think – we have to believe what  He   says. Jesus died on the cross, and His blood paid for your sins.   After three days, God raised him from the dead. That proved He was who He said He was – and it proves we, also, will live after death!


Before Jesus went back to Heaven, He told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They waited, and God sent a baptism of fire and tongues.  With this baptism in tongues, the disciples were empowered to tell others the Gospel – how Jesus died for their sins on the cross, and that it is a free gift – just believe it!  God wants youto ask for this baptism, and He will reveal to you what is ahead.  Seek this baptism so that you will be empowered to tell others to take the Savior and walk with Him.


Once you ask Jesus Christ into your life,  you are a temple of God.  God lives in you.  God is three in one – God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit.  God lives in you and will never leave you.  Be willing to do anything God puts on your heart.


In 1 Corinthians Chapter 11:23-26, Jesus tells us that we are to remember what He did for us.   Make sure all your sins are confessed,  then read 1 Cor. 11:23 and take bread in remembrance of how Jesus gave His body for you on the cross.  Jesus said, “Take this and eat it.”  Next take some juice to represent His blood, and remember how He shed His blood on the cross, and how your sins were washed away by the blood of Jesus!  Jesus said, drink this and remember Me.  This is the new agreement, the new testament, or covenant between God and you.  Do this until He comes again, to remember what Jesus did on the cross.  The Bible says that whoever does this will live forever.


We are in what the Bible calls “The last days.”  We need to stay close to God!  We need to believe Him and obey Him.  If He says there are prophets on the earth today, there are.  If He says it is good for you to speak in tongues, accept that and be willing.


He says in Revelation 13:16-17 and in Revelation 14:9-11 that the time will come where no one will be able to buy or sell unless they take a mark on their hand or forehead.  God warned us, He said do not take the mark.  No one who takes the mark will be forgiven because it is the mark of the beast – it shows that you belong to the anti-Christ.  Prepare for this time by walking close to Him  now , asking, listening, and hearing His voice, and obeying.  Don’t wait.  Draw close  now.   Then when the time comes you will know how to listen, hear Him and trust Him.  He may take you to Heaven, or He may tell you how to survive without the mark.


Do not be afraid for what the future may hold!  The opposite of fear is faith – and the Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing the word of God.”  When that was first recorded, no one had Bibles and most people couldn’t read.  A person had to listen to what God said when someone read, so faith came from hearing God’s Word.  Now we can get a Bible and read what God said ourselves. You can even download a Bible from the internet.  We need to read our Bibles so our faith will grow, so we will know God personally, and so we learn to obey Him regardless!


Be willing to do whatever God tells you to do.  In Psalm 122:6 God commanded us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – to me that means pray for peace in Jerusalem, for Israel and the whole Middle East!” There are spiritual battles going on that we cannot see, but to be on God’s side, believe and obey Him.


There is a huge revival coming.  It will be called “The Great Communion Revival.” The blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross, is the most powerful thing in the Universe!  Don’t hesitate to claim the blood of Jesus over anybody and anything that God points out to you!  This revival will be the hugest harvest of all ages, and God is inviting  you to be part of it!  Start now.  The only thing that will disqualify you is, if you do not get off the throne of your life and put Jesus onto it.  Do everything mentioned above, and whatever God tells you to do!  He will answer your prayers and you will see miracles happen!