17 May



Since God knows everything, He must always know where lost items are. If He knows where they are, will He help us find them?

“Mom! I can’t find my “bracelet purse,” and it has a whole dollar in it! I’ve looked everywhere! I had it at noon when I took money out of it to pay for school lunch. It must have fallen off my wrist!” For her ninth birthday Suz had gotten a beautiful leather coin purse that was also a bracelet. The turquoise leather was a work of art, and it was her prized possession. Besides being pretty, it was perfect for carrying her money for school lunch.

Shane was three years old and he helped Suz and me search the house. We searched the front and back yards. It was nowhere to be found. Then we remembered God! The Bible says He knows everything, sees everything, and promises to answer us when we pray. Together we all talked to Him about the missing bracelet coin purse. We prayed, “God You know exactly where it is. Help us to think of where to look, so we will find it.” We searched in jacket pockets and in the car. Shane and I had picked her up from school and taken her to Reading Clinic in the neighboring town. We prayed some more and searched some more.

It was decided that tomorrow Suz would check the lost and found at school, and I would call the Reading Clinic to see if it was there. We were disappointed to learn that it hadn’t been found at her school, nor at the Reading Clinic. Suz’s prayer changed. “God, You know where it is and it has a dollar in it that I got for my birthday. Will you protect it for me?” I added, “God it must have fallen off her arm, and only You know where it is! Will You keep it safe for her and help us to find it?”

While we prayed, God looked down on the little bracelet coin purse lying in the grass outside the Reading Clinic. It was near a busy corner, one block from thriving downtown Livermore, California. It had fallen off Suz’s wrist as she cut across the grass on her way into or out of the Reading Clinic. It would be a week before we came here again, but God knew where it was, and nothing is too hard for Him. He covered it up with falling autumn leaves.

Suz expected God to help her find the treasured bracelet purse. For three years she had seen God answer our prayers. It didn’t occur to her to doubt. I think God delights to answer the prayers of children because He loves to see their faith without doubt. For the next week many prayers went up for the lost bracelet coin purse because it was needed to hold her lunch money. It was precious to her, and the dollar in it was a gift for her birthday.

When Thursday came again, Shane and I picked Suz up from school and drove seven miles to the Reading Clinic in Livermore. As I dropped Suz off, I told her Shane and I would go to the grocery store and return to pick her up. Shane was my happy, constant companion. He had a laugh that came from deep within and made people smile. He was loved by all who knew him. He also has been a witness to countless answers to prayer!

I meant to be there when Suz got out of the clinic, but I was a few minutes late. Suz played under the trees on the grass as she waited for Shane and me. She was kicking leaves as she played, and as she kicked a pile of leaves into the air, there, under the big red and orange leaves lay her bracelet purse! Suz grabbed her precious bracelet purse and hugged it, overjoyed, and thankful to God! God had covered it up and protected it for her! He even planned for me to arrive late to pick her up, so she played and kicked leaves as she waited!

When I drove up Suz came running, holding up the bracelet purse! How we rejoiced and thanked God! He cares about lost things. The Bible in Luke 15 tells about the lost coin, lost sheep, and a lost son. In love and compassion, Jesus came into our world to seek, find and bring back the lost. He knows where they are, works everything together for good, and the Bible says even the angels in Heaven rejoice when they are found!

That was 45 years ago, and Suz still has and cherishes the little bracelet coin purse. It’s a reminder that nothing is too hard for God, and with Him there is always hope. My free eBook, “Ten Steps to Answered Prayer,” tells how I came into this relationship with God where He answers my prayers. Recently God gave me a dream to let me know He wanted me to share the answers to prayer. He said He knew websites and blogs were too difficult for me. Read my Blog, “The Impossible Mountain,” to find how God brought about this Website.