30 Oct



Our world is in chaos, and God wants us to stop, listen and obey Him.  He can’t protect us if we don’t hear Him.  Are you open?  Here is a true story that tells His message.


This unusual healing happened in 1956 to a dear friend, Forrest, while he worked and lived in Southern California.  I republish it here because it shows that GOD HEALS, HE HEALS HOW HE CHOOSES, and THERE IS A MESSAGE HERE FOR US!  He wants us to ask Him, “Why did You do it this way?”  Then after you ask Him, be still, know that He is God, and you will hear His answer.  It will come into your mind as a thought, you’ll have peace and know it is from Him.


Forrest lived in Compton, California, and worked in a nearby auto plant.  He was a young man then, and a new believer in Jesus Christ.  He worked nights on an automobile assembly line.  His job was to weld, and sometimes he had to walk in a squatting position to keep up with the assembly line.  This took a toll on his knees and legs and they became very painful.  Finally, both knees swelled up and he had trouble walking.


He was encouraged to go, for prayer, to the weekly prayer group at his Church. When he arrived, limping and in a lot of pain, the group surrounded him and prayed for God to heal His knees.  Before their eyes, they all saw the swelling in one knee go down and Forrest said the pain was gone.  Their faith soared, and they kept praying for God to heal the other knee too.  They had seen God heal the first knee as they prayed and watched!  They believed and expected God to heal the other knee instantly also.  But God did not choose to heal that knee instantly—he healed it slowly, and it took two weeks.


Forrest did not go to the doctor during the two weeks.  He trusted that God would heal the second knee also—and God did! He healed the most painful knee in an instant, and the other one He healed slowly.


I asked God why He didn’t heal both of Forrest’s knees at the same time.  While I waited and listened, I had to go to an appointment.  I asked a Godly couple that I saw, what they thought.  They both voiced at the same time, “THE HOLY SPIRIT DOESN’T USUALLY DO THE SAME THING TWICE!”  It made sense and is Biblical.  I believe that is the message God wants us to receive.  He invites every Christian to live in constant communion with Him.  Instead of saying, “We always do it this way,” what if we said, “What do you want me to do, God?  How do You want this done?”  What if we prayed to always be open to do things the way the Holy Spirit leads?  What might our life be like?  What might our church be like?  Might we see things we’ve never seen before?  Might we walk in signs and wonders?  What if we told people around us to expect the unexpected, because we are following the Holy Spirit?


As Christians, God wants us to believe Him, to surrender ourselves to Him and do what He wants us to do.  “God help us to make a habit of living by Your guidance, and never doing things, “Just because we’ve always done it this way.”  I sense exciting days are ahead!  I believe GOD SENT US A MESSAGE, and if we will listen and obey, God will bless us with more than we could ever ask or imagine.


In Matthew Chapter 9, Two blind men came to Jesus and asked Him to heal them. Jesus asked them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”  “Yes, Lord,” they answered.  Then he touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith, be it unto you,” and they were healed.


Jesus healed another blind man a different way.  John 9:6 tells us how Jesus healed a man that was born blind.  Jesus spit on the ground, mixed the spit with dirt and put the mud on the blind man’s eyes.  Then he said, “Go to the pool of Siloam and wash.”  The man did this, and for the first time in his life he could see!


Jesus did not heal the blind men the same way.  He did not heal Forrest’s two knees the same way.  I THINK HIS MESSAGE TO US IS THIS:  Doing things by rote and, “Because we always do it that way,” is religion.  Christianity is walking, talking and listening to God—and taking His guidance!  His guidance may be different every time, so listen for what He is saying, and do exactly that!  What an incredible gift God has given to us! Once our sins are paid for by Jesus, God sees us as sinless and He draws near.   The God who made this universe wants to have a personal relationship with us!  Think of the protection we can have, since He is all-knowing!  He knows how to keep you and loved ones safe!  May we talk to Him, listen for His guidance, and follow it!  Life will never be boring again!


If you are a Christian, talk to God, listen and obey.  Ask Him what He wants you to do and do what He says.  If this is what God wants, He will confirm it and He will help us do it.  We’re in what the Bible calls the last days.  These are treacherous times, and He’s calling us to walk closer to Him. “God, may we all learn to listen to You every moment, so we will hear, ‘Don’t go there,’ or ‘Turn this way,’ or ‘Tell that man I love him!”


If you are not a Christian, read my free eBook, “Ten Steps to Answered Prayer.” Be sure to do every step.  Learn to live on praying ground where God answers prayer.  Walk, listening and obeying Him!  Expect the unexpected!  There’s an exciting adventure waiting for you!