04 Oct


Shane, age 6, needed a man for a Sunday School teacher!  His Dad didn’t go to church, pray, or believe!  Shane had had wonderful Godly Sunday School teachers in first and second grade, but he needed to see that men believed in God also—not just women.  Boys need to see that men read their Bibles, pray, and love God!


I talked to God about this and explained to Him that Shane’s Dad didn’t believe, and Shane desperately needed to see that real men pray, and love God too. I explained to God that this was a real need, and reminded Him of His promise in Phil. 4:19, “My God shall supply all your needs.”  I didn’t know how to find a man Sunday School teacher, so I had no choice but to leave my request with God.  I earnestly prayed that God would put on the heart of some man the desire to teach Sunday School.  I prayed about it whenever I remembered – which was at least every Sunday, when I dropped Shane off at his Sunday School class.


His second-grade class had about 18 children in it, and half of them were girls. They learned the main Bible stories, and did fun crafts each week.  He loved going to Sunday School, and then afterward to church with his sister, Suz, and me!


When Shane graduated from second grade, I was told that his third-grade Sunday School class would be all boys—and that a young man was going to teach them!  I was so thankful!  God had heard and answered me again!  What I didn’t know was that the young man, Tim Morris, would teach this group of boys for seven years.  He was in college when he started teaching Shane’s Sunday School class.  Every year when they passed to a higher class, Tim moved forward and taught them for the next year!  I had hoped that God would give Shane a man Sunday School teacher each year, but God knew they needed a long-term relationship with their Sunday School teacher!


Tim was growing, and these young boys also grew in years, wisdom, and spirituality. Tim went to camps with them, and sometimes took them on hikes, or to the zoo on weekends.  He was a Godly, committed Christian, who loved God with all his heart, prayed, and read his Bible faithfully.


Tim stuck with those boys through thick and thin!  I’m sure he heard a lot of things that boys would only share with another guy!  When Tim found Terri, the right girlfriend, all the boys were intrigued!  Tim brought her to meet them, and so they were exposed to the concept that Tim had a girl in his life!  Terri went on field trips and short hikes with them, and they saw that girls were okay!    Tim was still their Sunday School teacher when he got married, and all the boys went to the wedding.    When Terri and Tim were expecting their first baby, Tim felt his home responsibilities weighing heavier, and he resigned his position as Sunday School teacher.  The boys gave the new baby little hiking boots for a gift!  What could a newborn baby girl need more than hiking boots?


For seven years, Tim showed the boys how he lived out his faith in God! Thank you, Tim!  Thank You, God, for answering my prayers and giving Shane and the other boys everything that one could ask for in a Sunday School Teacher.  God didn’t just answer my prayer, He knew what the boys needed, and gave them what they needed for seven whole years!  Those were the crucial years—nine through 16, and God used Tim to greatly impact each boy for Christ!


God put it on Tim Morris’ heart to pass on his faith to these boys!  The Bible tells us, in the book of Nehemiah, that God put it on Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem!  Nehemiah obeyed, and when he had completed the work, he said, “Remember me, oh my God, for good” (Nehemiah 13:31).  Tim Morris completed the work God gave him to do with these boys, and I pray, “Remember Tim Morris, oh my God, for good!”



Has God put on your heart something to do for Him?  Do you need help?  God loves you so much that he promised to supply all of your needs (Phil. 4:19)!  “Until now you have asked for nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full” (John 16:24).