13 Dec


        Would you like to enter God’s Presence?  This is a secret I learned after being a Christian for 45 years.  It’s not really a secret, but some things from God have to be discovered.  I learned this in a wonderful book, “Self-Deliverance Made Simple,” by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark.  This book taught me to “drop down” to where God’s Spirit lives in me.   

        God wants to know each of us personally, but He is Holy and will not come near sin.  Since all of us have sinned, God sent a Savior into our world to pay for the sins of whoever will believe Him (John 3:16).  If you haven’t ever asked Jesus to be Your Savior, you can ask Him to be your Savior now.  You can tell Him you are sorry for everything bad you have ever done, and ask Him to come into your life!  When you do this, your sins are gone, and God comes to live in you (Rev. 3:20 and Col. 1:27).

        There is a place inside each of us where our spirit lives, and Jesus comes in, to live there, in each of us who accept Him.  Since God is three-in-one, you could also say God came to live in you—or that God’s Holy Spirit came to live in you!  He will never leave you (Heb. 13:5).  

        Once you take Jesus as your Savior, God sees you as sinless.  You become His child and amazing blessings are yours! You can talk to Him anytime and anywhere.  You can talk to Him silently or out loud.  You can talk to Him as you are walking or sitting in your house.  He will hear you and answer you!  Because you are His child, He even promises to meet all your needs (Phil. 4:19).          You will sense if you have said or done something you shouldn’t have done.  Don’t let the sun go down on anger or anything bad. Talk to God, confess it to Him, and turn away from doing it.  He will forgive you.  If you need advice, ask Him, and then be still, and He will put the answer into your thoughts.    

        Most of us “live in our minds,” but we can drop down to where the Holy Spirit lives in us, and become immersed in the Presence of God.  I think of that place as in my chest.  

        The Bible says we can have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16), so I ask God, “Please give me the mind of Christ.”  I drop down  and picture myself dropping my mind into that place where the Holy Spirit lives.  I hear “plink,” and my mind is immersed—swimming in the Holy Spirit.  Jesus prayed, “Not my will, God, but Yours be done,” and since I want that too, “plink” I drop my will (what I want) into the Holy Spirit.  Last, I want to react to things the way Jesus would react, so, I exchange my feelings with the Holy Spirit’s feelings, and “plink,” they are immersed in God!  After this, I drop down  to where God lives in me.  I take a deep breath and sense where I am.  I’m in God’s Presence!  There is only peace here—unless I have sinned since I last talked to God.  If there is anything that is not right between God and me, I am immediately aware of it!  I tell God I’m sorry and ask His forgiveness.  Then I’m in God’s Presence!  

        I am a most imperfect person, but God now sees me as perfect since I’ve taken Jesus as my Savior—everything bad I’ve ever done is back at the cross and paid for!  And God sees me as sinless!  I can go straight to Him—and talk and listen!  Sometimes I get busy and forget, but I try to drop down   to His Presence every day.  I want to live from down there, immersed in His Presence! 

        The Bible is a love letter God wrote to us.  It helps us to know God.  If you don’t have a Bible, can you get one?  They can be downloaded free online.  

        When I was a new Christian, I read through the Bible every year.  I wanted to know what God wrote to me and what He is like! I lost track of how many years I did that.  I always somehow finished reading the entire Bible in a year!  I’m so glad I did, because I’ve had people try to tell me that something is in the Bible—that isn’t there.  I was able to tell them, “That’s not in the Bible, because I’ve read it many times!”  

        I recommend reading through the Bible every year, so you will know what God is saying to you.  There are quite a few “Read through the Bible in a Year” programs.  Just google it and pick one.  If we know what’s in the Bible, we won’t be deceived.  If you read your Bible, then you will know what is right.  Your Bible—and also His Presencewill guide you.  You will be walking with God!  It’s a priceless adventure!