06 Dec


A dear friend became angry at God because He didn’t answer his prayers.  He had asked God for a girlfriend, and he prayed and waited for two years, and God didn’t answer his prayer.  He was a close family friend, and was at our house often. He heard how God was answering my prayers.  When God didn’t answer his prayers, he felt rejected, so he rejected God in return.  Eventually his rejection of God turned to unbelief, and he began to say, “There is no God!”


When he voiced his unbelief to me, I reminded him of all the answers to prayer God had given to me.  Perhaps that made it even worse.  He was struggling with the fact that God didn’t answer his prayers and give him what he wanted.


Do you sometimes pray and God doesn’t answer?  Have you done everything God has asked you to do?  God sent Jesus to be your personal Savior.  Have you asked Him into your heart?   Have you confessed to God all the wrong things that you have done, and put those things behind you?  Have you asked God why He doesn’t answer?  Ask Him, and then be quiet and listen.  He will answer you.  Be still, and He will answer in your thoughts.  Be open to what you hear!


Our friend who asked for a girlfriend, didn’t want the most Godly girlfriend he could find—he wanted the most beautiful girl to show off!  He was very proud, and wanted a “trophy” girlfriend. He also was disrespectful of women.  If he had read his Bible, and taken God’s guidance, he would have overcome this. When we walk with God, His Spirit adds these qualities to our lives—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22).



Our friend heard about all the answers to prayer that I was getting, and he wanted that too.  He expected God to answer his prayers, but God was silent.  He gave God two years to answer his prayer, and when God didn’t answer in the way he wanted, he rejected God.  God is silent when people try to manipulate Him.  Without reading the Bible, people often decide what God is like, or what God should do.  When God doesn’t do what they expect or want, they convince themselves that there is no God. The Bible is God’s love letter to us! Read it, and you will come to know Him personally!  He will be your best friend!



I wish our friend had told me why he got angry at God and rejected Him.  If he had been open, and really wanted to walk with God, I would have helped him to see God’s will.   Did he want a girlfriend who would help him draw closer to God?  Did he want a girlfriend with whom he would pray and worship God?  When God didn’t answer him, did he go back to God and humbly ask Him why?  Did he ever say, “God, I’ll do anything—what do You want me to do?”  Did he say, “God, show me and teach me!”  Did he listen to God by reading His Bible every day?


There is space inside of each of us that can only be filled with God!  People try to fill that space with many things: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, money, status.  Nothing fills that space, but God.  All these years later, I finally heard why this friend rejected God and went his own way. Now he is too proud to pray to God. He is still following his feelings, and going his own way.  There is a better way, and it’s the only way—following God!  Ask God to lead the way, and He will!


If you identify with any of this, it’s time to repent and come to God!  Start by just talking to Him!    He promises to make up for the years that were wasted, and if you put Him first, He will give you the desires of your heart! (Joel 2:25; Psalm 37:4)


If this resonates with you, it is a message to you from God!  He’s saying, “It’s not too late!  Come back!  I’ll run to meet you!  I love you!” Your life will never be the same!