30 Aug


The answer is that God gave each of us – and the angels too – freedom to choose. The choices of men and bad angels have resulted in the evil that you see all around you.
But into this dark world God sent a Savior who paid for the sins of anyone who will say, “I believe You God,” and “Lord Jesus, I need a Savior!”  When you do that, your sins are gone – paid for back on the Cross – and God, who is so Holy that He will not be around sin, draws near to you and showers you with love and guidance. He even promises to supply all your needs.
If you sin again, and we all do – in thought, word, or deed – just tell God you are sorry, see it through His eyes, and ask for help to not do it again.  He forgives and again draws near to you and answers your prayers. You do not have to confess it to a priest. God says, “Call no man father.” God wants to be your Father! He wants you to talk to HIM.   He loves you and understands all you have been through, like no one else can understand you!
He will answer any question you ask Him. Just ask, be still and listen. He will put the answer in your thoughts. Write His answer down, and act on it.
How do I know all this? Years ago (51 to be exact), I came to the end of myself, and didn’t want to live anymore. I’d been taught that there is a God who hears our prayers, so I told Him, “God, I’ll do ANYTHING you say if You will just tell me what I should do to make things better!” I heard His voice, as if He stood behind me, “Read your Bible.”
I heard nothing more, so wondering what my Bible could have to say about anything, I started reading it every day on my lunch hour. I found He sent a Savior! If anyone needed a Savior, it was me! With everything in me, I asked Jesus to be my Savior – and I felt God draw close to me!
I kept reading my Bible, and found the plan, “Read through the Bible in a Year.” I did that so many years that I lost track of how many times I read from Genesis to Revelation. So, I know what’s in the Bible and what isn’t in it. The Bible was recorded by many different men to whom God said, “Write this down.” God also said, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but My Word will live forever.”